AJ MARTI : Artist/writer.

Strongly influenced by Byzantine art, oriental art and classical art, AJ’s artwork dances between fantasy and imaginary worlds, decorated with elegance and simplicity, and always shrouded in a mystical atmosphere and from where they express themselves subtly in silence. His subjects are rare in the fascinating and mysterious look of their eyes, fragility and sensuality.

The power of the image is the central axis to maintain and protect always surrounded by beauty, majesty and spirituality. His pieces go through a complex production process which begins with an idea in pencil, to then acquire form through the application of several advanced 3D and 2D design softwares, use of tablets, photographs and traditionally painted textures and then digitized. Once printed, each piece is worked by hand where the final details are refined, including application of traditional mixed media and varnishes, to be finally numbered and signed by the artist. 

AJ Martí has been Creative & Art Director in advertising agencies on his country and Central America. His work has earned him national and international recognition.


Recent work

 Feel free to browse the Galleries section to see my work. I've devided my work in Galleries with no particular order. I'm always working on this web. If you like to contact me send me an email or  follow me on Instagram.